Welcome to oue website friendsofsouthkorea.de. We´re going to the world championships !

This is an English translation made by a man who can´t speak english. All the rest is written in german ...

Welcome to the homepage of "friends of southkorea incorporate". We are some guys, who are big football fans and we want to show a sign of good & friendly international friendship with our brothers & sisters in south korea.

   For the time of three weeks we will take the chance to bring you some helpful and funny informations about the country & the people. If you press on the word The Tour on the headline of this site you will get a map of our trip during this three weeks. Later and well updated you´ll get further details of the towns & matches, that we visit.

   Many people helped us to realise this journey, by this way & creating this page we want to thank them all. Some good musicans played for us on a kind of aid-concert in Dezember and DJ´s put some great records on their turntables to support our trip with a party. People worked without getting payed on the bar and so on. They wasted their talents for us! Thanx a lot for your great work!

   From the 30th of may you can read what happens on during our trip at Reports. Good things, bad experiences, all those stuff. If you want to write us you can do this when you press the guestsbook-button "write us". It would be great!

Yours, Peter